Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some more Europe photos

 at the Cat Cafe in Vienna. (it's a coffee shop that has 5 in-house cats as part of their inventory)

Papi, can I have a rabbit for Christmas?

I'm the boss (did you think it was someone else??)

picking strawberries (but not eating them) in Germany

Monday, June 25, 2012

Holiday'ing in Europe

I know, I know! An update of my blog is really overdue, but Mami has issues with her computer right now and so it is slow progress.
But here are some pictures of our May holidays to Europe

traveling in style. I am having breakfast served to me on the plane....

The great thing about Europe are the cooler temperatures and lots of time at the playground. Here with my buddy Leopold. 

getting dirty on a daily basis is a MUST what date shall we set our wedding for?....

my cousins and I in the rubber boat. Note: the boat holds 80kg max, we weighed about 100kg. The water temperature on that day was 18 degrees.....