Monday, November 19, 2012

Kindergarten School Concert

The annual Kindergarten concert happened again last week. 
Being my Mami's daughter, I enjoy participating , I am quite the are some video clips

this one is the 5 little duckling songs in Chinese. We are singing along! I am dressed as a duck.

Beanbag Rock'n Roll

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween in Singapore

Halloween is always fun in Singapore. We had 3 parties to go to this year, so Isabella can be seen in different variations of dress-up. Enjoy!

excuse me, but this is Emilia's costume!

a friendly witch

with my friends Zayden, Audrey and baby Alexandra

dressed as a pirate and trying to eat a cookie without using my hands

with my best friends Brynn and Luca.
This was the party at our condo, which Mami and Papi organized this year.

these are pretty much all the kids who live in our condo. They did a great effort dressing up this year.
Isabella on the far right and Emilia on the far left of the picture

I stole Mami's costume

Emilia's first Halloween. Dressed as a princess!