Thursday, January 10, 2013


We really enjoyed our recent trip to Legoland Malaysia. Emilia stayed at home that day. 

doing quite well at Driving School

Papi hat trouble fitting into the airplane with his long legs

Mami was luckier

I have an ice cream goatee

Christmas season 2012

We had quite some fun this Xmas season. 
Just a few days before Christmas, Santa came to visit us at our condo pool party.

Santa obviously hasn't been to a lot of houses yet, thus he looks rather slim. I am sure that after he has been to all the children's houses, he will have gained a lot of weight......(for those who are not familiar with Santa Claus, the kids usually leave a plate of cookies and a glas of milk for him)

Even Emilia received a little gift

everybody was sitting really nicely

Group photo with Santa. Emilia got the best spot on Santas right shoulder....

Santa forgot to take his hat and bell after the party.....

finally Christmas came

Christmas Day lunch with friends at our home. Isabella and her friend Milly

Turkey, Pork Belly, Ham, Christmas Pudding and lots of wine!

kids dessert, straight from the tree

one must rest after all this food and watch the Muppets Christmas Carol on TV