Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pre birthday party

Ok, we know it is still a couple of week until Emilia's 1st birthday, but her babygroup friends all turned 1 in June and so we decided to have a party together. As it turned out, it was on Emilia's 11th month.


frosting first

tasting, mmmh......

let's not tell anyone that this is so good!

entire cupcake in mouth!

Emilia and her friends 
(Sarah, Emilia, Lucy, Alyssa, Nathan, Alexandra)
Sarah and Nathan are twins

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer holidays in Europe

We are back from our holidays in Europe and had a fantastic time. Not enough time to take a lot of photos, but here are some of our highlights.

the girls were not used to wearing so many clothes, it was a bit cold to begin with

Vienna - horse carriage ride with Melanie (our nanny). Isabella got to sit in front

who is in charge, the horse or Isabella?

roasting marshmallows with the cousins

with friend Leopold at the museum

first ever trip to the movies

blub blub blub, where's the fishy?

baby of the hour....Emilia being christened

with her Godmothers Sandi and Heni

all cousins together
 (Isabella 4, Stephanie 11, Sebastian 13, Julia 13, Lukas 15, Emilia 10 months)

Isabella and Emilia with Cato