Friday, January 3, 2014

December marks the end of 2013

We finished the year with various parties.

First up a Princess and Kings birthday party

complete with dress and make-up

The Royals playing musical chairs

and one picture for the Royal photo album

how many girls can you fit into a Lego box? Isabella and Milly are finding out

Advent was an exciting time, 
complete with Adventkranz (home made) and Gingerbread house

and cookie baking…

Finally Christmas!

before we left the house we made sure that Santa had his milk and cookies and Rudolph his carrot.

stuffing her face with chocolate sauce

opening presents

a new play house

Christmas feast with friends on Dec 25th

Markus fighting the turkey

Ready, steady, Christmas Cracker!

Christmas was an exciting time, now we prepare for Chinese New Year

and we are practicing for our skiing holidays in Japan later in January. Isabella is trying out the new ski suit…thanks Uti and Hans!

complete with boots, Air Condition on full blast so that Ms Isabella won't have a heat stroke!

We wish you all a Happy New Year!
Thank you for visiting our blog!