Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer, Summer, Summer….part 1 of many

Sorry for the long silence, we have been and are still busy with the summer holidays. Oh my god, never imagined how long these school holidays feel

First off, we headed to Europe for a visit to our families. 


Emilia and her love for dogs! (Mama's daughter)

a visit to the farm, these animals are exotic for our girls :-)


Family bowling!

Isabella didn't just look pretty with a ball, she actually played

Uti & Hans <3 p="">

all cousins together 

a day out at a theme park near Vienna




A much needed refreshment! Thanks Omi! :-)

the after swimming shot…someone thought it wasn't enough.
Let's wash Mr Panda

friends from next door

Emilia showing Opi how to use an iPad

Ice cream girls, what one girl has, the other wants automatically

Back in Singapore

first morning back….

jet lag girls at 9.30am, just crawled out of bed

….more to follow….