Monday, November 3, 2014

October was a busy month!

October really was a busy month with lots of activities both in school and elsewhere. I feel like the kids spent more time being dressed up than in their normal clothes

At school we ended the chapter "animals" with an animal parade. The children were working on "their animal" for a few weeks, gathering facts and also a visit to the Zoo. Isabella's chosen animal was the Meerkat (Erdmännchen)

A few random shots

Isabella's first roller blading lesson, she did pretty well but decided it's too hard. We shall give it a miss for a while.

Emilia clearly has a shoe fetish (she will gladly put on Papi's shoes as well)

celebrating Deepavali (Indian festival of lights) in style

Getting ready for Halloween, painting pumpkins (and clothes and hair)

Isabella attending a Halloween cooking class

dressing up for Halloween, we've had quite a number of events to attend

everyone dressed up at the Halloween condo party

the condo kids getting ready to trick-or-treat

including some very scary looking food

we leave you with some funny faces! Ciao!