Friday, February 19, 2016

January 2016 - A new year begins

I promise to update our blog more regularly in the new year!

Markus on his Christmas present - an open water dive in the Aquarium of Singapore

Isabella - our little chef

Queen Elsa and Sofia the First

fresh after the haircut

Austria meets India

and yes, we have ice skating in Singapore :-)

the girls preparing breakfast, now we need to show them how to serve it to our bed 

December happenings

Having a first grader in school means we are super busy with home work and our usual activities, apologies for the delayed update.....

We were finishing the year with lots of fun activities!

Pre Christmas, the elf on the shelf paid us a visit. An American tradition, whereby and Elf (ours was named Elfy) sits in the apartment watching the children. At night he goes home to North Pole to report to Santa if the children were naughty or nice. Elfy returns in the morning, waiting to be found by the children.

School Nativity Play - Isabella the shepherd

Busy baking Christmas cookies

Drama performance of Alice in Wonderland - Isabella as the caterpillar

making and eating the gingerbread house

Emilia ready for Christmas

Emilia's school performance

We also had a visitor for 2 weeks, named Otto

First time in many years that we were celebrating New Years.