Thursday, June 16, 2016

June happenings - part 1

As we say "see you after the summer" to be in Europe - here are a few more pictures before our holidays!

this is Emilia's work of 15 minutes. I see a career in architecture or something analytical :-)

or perhaps a doctor? Emilia was investigating my leg and at the same time asked me to "say ahhh"

or perhaps a Hippie

the girls definitely know how to enjoy being pampered

practising for rainy Europe?

May happenings

May has been such a busy month for the girls! Lots of pictures to share!

it's a rare sight to see Isabella and Emilia together like this! 

girlfriends at the Zoo

School swim competition for Grade 1 & 2!

ok, we definitely are still working on the "dive" technique :-)

Princesses on the loose!

and 1 prince being surrounded! Not sure if baby Ken knows how lucky he is! 

definitey pround to be a girl...and showing it!

theatre chills - sharing Mama's pashmina

"don't call me cute! I am a scary Pirate"

oops, someone got hold of Isabella's make-up

our new Zoo ride

Scooter friends

Emilia becoming quite the water rat

German lesson - body parts 

Oh no! 2 scary Pirates!

and a scary parrot - Isabella won "best costume"

while one was a Pirate, the other was dancing at another party - our lives these days

April happenings

We have been very busy again, so here is an update on what we have been up to since we wrote last time.

At the Trick Eye Museum - will you be tricked with these images?

someone is definitely becoming a young girl

Fly-by weekend in Dubai without the family!